“One of the basic principles of dialectics is that there is no such thing as abstract truth,
and what is concrete, in which the second dominates the first, characterizes the materialist
approach to knowledge and truth.” — V.I. Lenin

Paul Krugman, on Paul Krugman’s web site peddling Paul Krugman’s 1995 book Peddling Prosperity:

Supply-siders rose to power with Ronald Reagan and not only cured nothing but also left behind a $3 trillion debt.

Paul Krugman in 2004:

the economic expansion under President Reagan did not validate his economic doctrine. His supply-side advisers didn’t promise a one-time growth spurt as the economy emerged from recession; they promised, but failed to deliver, a sustained acceleration in economic growth.

Paul Krugman in 1996:

True, Ronald Reagan won on a supply-side platform

I could cite many more, but those should suffice.

Now here’s Paul Krugman given today’s political realities —i.e., the persistent good opinion of Reaganomics against the increasing public acrimony (say it without irony: probably because too many people are still out of work and have nothing better to do!) against Paul Krugman’s beloved Keynesian superstition:

Reagan Was a Keynesian

Bonus: Investor’s Business Daily and James Pethokoukis have great, fact-filled fun at the old charlatan’s expense. I could cite many more, but those should suffice.