William Jacobson writes for the Martin Center about one of the most disturbing developments in higher education.

The Legal Insurrection Foundation, of which I am the president, has launched a website, criticalrace.org, to provide resources to parents and students regarding Critical Race Training in higher education.

The main feature of the website is a database of how Critical Race Theory is put into action on campuses, presented in the form of an interactive map that permits searching by state and school. Our main concern is not with the study or teaching of the subject, but how campuses implicitly and explicitly force students to adopt this ideology through mandated coursework, activism, other requirements, and the campus culture.

As of this writing, the database includes over 200 colleges and universities in the United States, with a goal of covering 500 schools in a matter of months. The data includes a wide range of activities, based primarily on public sources. We quote and link to what the colleges themselves say.

The project has received widespread media attention. Some of the media coverage has characterized the database as a list of schools that students should not attend.

That is inaccurate. The database is neutral, expressing no view on particular colleges and universities, but providing the resources for parents and students to make an informed decision in choosing a school. …

… Why undertake such an endeavor, particularly with the risk of “cancel culture” that has become so prevalent in academia?

We seek to fill a void of information in an easily accessible form for parents and students who may not understand what is happening on campuses and may not know what questions to ask since Critical Race Theory is hardly on the minds of most college applicants. …

… Too often, parents and students seem to overlook or disregard campus culture and ideology when making the decision of where to go for college.