Gov. Pat McCrory’s camp has filed a formal protest with the Durham County Board of Elections to recount about 90,000 disputed votes that weren’t counted until late on Election Day:

“What transpired in Durham County is extremely troubling and no citizen can have confidence in the results at this point in time,” said Jason Torchinsky, chief legal counsel for the Pat McCrory Committee Legal Defense Fund. “The Durham County Board of Elections has a history of mishandling elections and it is unfortunate that this one appears to be no different.”

Pretty big news and could delay presumptive Gov.-elect Roy Cooper crossing the finish line later this week. By the way—I was out of town over the weekend and where did I first learn of this news? Back page of the local section in my hometown News & Record, although the editorialists did sniff “if McCrory somehow closes the deficit and manages to hang on by a thread, we suggest that he get a new tailor,” ie he’s “ill-suited for the job.” Ha ha.