Big New York Times article on North Carolina as a “state in play.”

In addition to Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan, the cast of faces and places includes Jesse Helms, John Edwards, Cook Out, JLF president John Hood, former state budget director Art Pope, Siler City, Gov Pat McCrory, Gander Mountain Firearms Super Center, an autism teacher who describes Republican policies as “terrifying” and –last but not least —the Rev. William Barber.

Here’s what jumps out:

Some black voters may find it harder to get to the polls in November under the new voter law, which, among other things, cut back early voting by a week; eliminated a provision that allowed citizens to register and vote on the same day; and prevented the counting of ballots lodged by voters outside of their home precincts.

Here’s hoping Rev. Barber gets on the phone to NYT editors demanding a correction.