The N&R’s Ed Hardin ponders another experiment that hasn’t quite panned out: UNCG playing home hoops games at the 23,000 seat Greensboro Coliseum, where the Spartans have lost nine straight:

UNCG has a bigger problem, though. It has no identity. And games inside the coliseum aren’t helping, at least not like some people envisioned four years ago. The contract between the school and the coliseum runs out June 30. Either side can extend it one year for the next three years. No one has suggested the contract won’t continue.

….Some want the Spartans to just end it now, end the experiment and get back to the campus, back to the volleyball court at Fleming or something like the old Rosenthal….Maybe it’s time to build a new place, a tiny little bandbox that actually has an atmosphere, a place that makes UNCG’s suitcase students want to hang around on a Wednesday night, makes it a tough ticket, a tough place to play in.

Fair enough, the Spartans are 8-20 this year, meaning they pretty much lose whether they’re at home or not. Still, playing in an pretty-much empty coliseum doesn’t help matters.