Margot Cleveland of the Federalist puts the Chris Cuomo controversy in perspective.

On Saturday, CNN announced it had fired Chris Cuomo due to new information concerning the assistance the former host of “Cuomo Prime Time” provided his brother, Andrew Cuomo, as the latter fought charges of sexual harassment. Chris Cuomo’s sin seems venial, however, when compared to the malfeasance of his journalist compatriots in corporate media. Let’s compare. …

… So Chris Cuomo helped strategize with his brother’s gubernatorial staff and used his media connections to track down stories. Does that really surprise anyone?

Unlike with the majority of the center-left and full-leftist media, there was no hiding or denying his bias: Transparency was in his name and the name of his nightly CNN news program.

Even if the younger Cuomo parlayed his professional relationship with other media types to kill coverage of sexual misconduct charges against Andrew Cuomo, would that really be any worse than what the corrupt media did in October 2020 when it buried the Hunter Biden laptop story? At least Chris Cuomo was fighting for his brother and not Joe Biden.

Worse still was the corporate media’s peddling of the Russia collusion hoax, first during the 2016 presidential campaign, then continuing for the entire term of Trump’s presidency.

Maybe Chris Cuomo contacted Farrow about the story about his brother, but what about Jake Tapper emailing BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith after BuzzFeed published the “Steele dossier”? The email from Tapper, released as part of a defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed, chastised Smith for the move, claiming it “makes the story less serious and credibl[.]” …

… Or what about the briefing itself, which former FBI Director James Comey undertook, thereby providing CNN a hook to report on the discredited dossier?

Consider too the innumerable New York Times and Washington Post articles pushing false claims of collusion, or the same appearing on the nightly news, cable and otherwise.