Robert P., (some profanity) a blogger who links himself to the NC Committee to Defend Health Care, responded yesterday to my blog post last Friday.

I dare him to find concrete examples of “people” who can find insurance
for less than $1000 a year that covers anything other than catastrophic
illness. At most you are going to get a policy with a $5000 deductible
or greater. This isn’t health care, it’s health insurance against

Sorry, Robert, but I found insurance for myself for less than $1000 a year before I wrote my post. You can price your own policy at Blue Cross /Blue Shield. Since Robert doesn’t consider a $5000 deductible to be “real insurance,” I’ll stick to the $2700 deductible policy tied to an HSA, which has a monthly premium of $76.24.

Not that anybody cares, but my family will have insurance next year with an annual premium of less than $3,000. It can be done and more people will. Because of this, more people can afford insurance than the Health Affairs study claimed.