Acadaemia and the judiciary ought to get their priorities in order.

Recently the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled against a Vietnam-era law that required colleges and universities receiving federal funds to provide equal access for recruiting purposes to the nation’s armed forces as it would for private and corporate recruiters.

The basis was a contention that barring homosexuals from military service is discriminatory and companies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation are not permitted on these campusses.

In making the ruling the Appeals court ignored the fundamental issues that make military service unique and close personal proximity not only not optional, but essential especially in the ground combat arms.

I suspect the 3rd circuit decision will be overthrown at the Supreme Court level, and fortunately this ruling only applies in the 3rd court’s jurisdiction, which does not include North Carolina.

But in the interim, North Carolina’s Washington and Raleigh lawmakers should take advantage of the ruling:

Here’s the deal:

1. We have a budget problem in the state supported schools.

2. We spend billions of dollars on non-productive projects at our state colleges. Examples include N.C. State’s proposed resort hotel and country club, undeserved pay raises and salaries that are significantly higher than equivalent positions in commercial business, and benefit packages and retirement plans worty of top corporate executives.

3. Many of the campuses who support these projects tend to be unfriendly to the military.

4. Solve the problem.

de oppresso liber

Bill Fishburne