Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner details disturbing new survey results.

[A]ccording to a pathbreaking survey by the pollster who has charted Millennials the most, the revolution they’re bringing to Washington, Wall Street and Main Street is just the start. The follow-on Generation Z is stepping on the pedal to bringing diversity and social consciousness to the fore.

“What Boomers have begun by challenging authority and Gen X’ers have fostered, trust yourself over institutions, Millennials have driven home in a big way,” said pollsters John Zogby and his son and partner Jeremy Zogby.

“Expect to varying degrees the call for a transformation of power away from centralized institutions as we see this already playing out in the world of blockchain technology,” they added in the latest John Zogby Strategies survey of Millennials.

The results of the survey are likely to be a shock to older Americans. For example, instead of merit in the workplace, Millennials, now age 22-39, put a higher importance on diversity.

And they want to leapfrog over Washington and push Corporate America to tackle big issues like global warming, which they consider more important than job creation.

John Zogby, who is a co-grader of President Trump for the Examiner’s Washington Secrets Weekly White House Report Card, said that Millennials are now old enough and embedded in Washington and business to get their way.