…Because I pretty much unplugged during the holiday…

*RIP Joe Wilson— I sparred a bit with thew former Greensboro City Council candidate
here, but had the opportunity to meet him in public. We shook hands and amicably agreed to disagree;

*Rhino’s John Hammer on ‘rookie mistakes’ by the new Republican majority on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners:

The Republicans were given a rare opportunity in their first meeting to grand stand and prove they were going to govern differently – looking out for the taxpayers first, not putting the highly paid county staff first and the taxpayers a distant second. But the only Republican who did anything to be proud of is Commissioner Jeff Phillips, who not only voted against the raises, but made a motion to rescind the raises, which failed for lack of a second.

It’s a rookie mistake not to nail down a second before you make a motion, but Phillips is a rookie….For the rookies, seconding a motion does not mean that you agree with the motion, it only means you think the motion is worthy of discussion. Since the whole county had been discussing the illegal raises, it certainly seems they were worthy of discussion and the commissioners did end up discussing them.

*The Winston-Salem Journal congratulates local leaders for their bipartisan support of incentives for Herbalife; no mention of pyramid scheme allegations.