Last year, I wished I had a camera when about three or four people were standing on a corner in Hendersonville. They were that town’s Occupy movement. Unlike most places, Hendersonville’s Occupy consisted of seniors and working people who looked rather all-American. Anyway, as I waited for a light to change, Santa drove up alongside the Occupants in a roadster with the top down. That was before Rush started his big Santa Claus schpeel.

This year’s missed photo op came while looking at war-struck Detroit from the highway. Yes, Detroit is losing the War on Poverty. With every other house appearing boarded up, roofs collapsing, factories gutted, walls graffitized, etc., the Motor City looks worse than New York a month after Hurricane Sandy. Anyhoo, amidst knocked down ruins and rubble, one building stood proud and solid. It was the Federation of Teachers’ building.