One of two big issues from earlier this week has been resolved somewhat. The gerrymandering issue has not been settled, but at least the General Assembly decided the congressional primary will be postponed until June 7. I must admit, given the horrible situation, that was the right thing to do, as absentee ballots had already gone out, and so whatever way the votes went, somebody would be crying foul.

For those not familiar with the situation, Congressional Districts 1 and 12 were ruled to have been unconstitutional, for they were drawn to enclose people of color. District 12 resembles a line made with a motley paintbrush on absorbent, crumpled tissue while driving on a bumpy road after drinking way too much caffeine. District 1 looks like a topped kapok tree, replete with Spanish moss and bad cases of gall, tumor, and burl. You might get a chuckle from the absurd illustration available here.