In this first episode of Policy Pizza, education policy expert Terry Stoops joins us to discuss the greatness of western Pennsylvania pizza and the benefits of a Parents’ Bill of Rights in education.

The pandemic-era lockdowns exposed parents to how powerless they have become in their relationship with school districts. Indeed, many school boards and administrators have even disparaged parents and rebuffed them for questioning the methods and materials used in the classroom. So, a codified Bill of Rights would be an excellent way for parents to reassert their primacy in the upbringing and education of their children.

Dr. Stoops details the main elements that would make for a successful parents’ Bill of Rights. Those key elements are:

1.) Choice

First, choice means that parents should have the right to decide where and how their children are educated.

2.) Autonomy

Autonomy means that parents have the right to direct their child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

3.) Transparency

Transparency means that curricula, class materials, and textbooks should be available to parents for inspection at their convenience.

4.) Accountability

Accountability means that parents have a right to some recourse and have a means of holding school districts and administrators accountable for any violation of parents’ rights.

What can you do?

At John Locke, concerned parents can sign the petition for a Parent’s Bill of Rights. And Dr. Stoops recommends they contact their state lawmakers to express their support for this effort. You can find your representatives in the North Carolina House and Senate here:

Learn more about parental rights in education at Locke’s Center for Effective Education.

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