Editors at the New York Post side with Elon Musk in a current controversy.

Elon Musk is dead right: Boeing’s insane commitment to DEI could literally kill people.

“People will die due to DEI,” he thundered on X.

The tech titan was slamming the aeronautics firm after one of its planes blew a fuselage panel out in midair, with a tragic disaster only narrowly averted.

Specifically, he pointed out that Boeing in 2022 began rewarding execs financially for hitting climate and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion targets— shifting sole focus away from safety and quality, where it had been before. 

“Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety?” Musk asked. 

And he’s not even exaggerating.

Per a 2023 report from Boeing, “Our goal was to achieve diverse interview slates for at least 90% of manager and executive openings”— with an actual “92% of interview slates being diverse, resulting in 47% diverse hires.”

Yep: People responsible for making sure your plane doesn’t crash are now officially less concerned about getting the best person for the job than checking various woke corporate identity boxes. 

Such thinking is bad enough when financial firms do it under the guise of ESG, “environmental, social and governance” rules for investing.

But when that goes badly, investors merely take a loss.

With Boeing — as we may have just seen in the Alaska Airlines near-disaster — the results are much worse and more concrete. 

Indeed, the same insanity is afoot in US medicine. 

Notably, med school curricula have been wokified and academic standards lowered in order to push faek “equity.”

Enough is enough. Boeing and every other firm whose product or service means the difference between life and death need to get back to basics and give up on the whole ugly DEI charade.