So, one whiles away the hours here blogging, trying to defend liberty, and the only rewards are the battle scars – the labels of anathema and insanity. One gets the impression nobody reads anything any conservative blogger writes. The country marches to serfdom.

But then, over the weekend, I had a ray of hope. I received an email that began:


Do you want to hear Governor Mitt Romney’s thoughts on the 2016 presidential race and the future of conservatism?

Then you’ll certainly want to be here when Mitt addresses the nation’s top conservatives.

We want you to be there – front and center.

We’ll fly you and a guest to Washington D.C. for a lavish dinner with Governor Romney, Speaker Paul Ryan, and other top conservatives.

Wow, like I could have fame! fortune! pizazz! Everything to get me drunk on their power. Sorry your high and holy highnesses, but you seriously underestimate my price. In fact, I am inclined to write an open letter to Bro. Mitt asking if, like Obama at Jeremiah Wright’s church, he slept through services. I could probably access about 100 scriptures from mainstream Christianity and Mormonism in particular. But it’s not for me to judge; particularly when I’m on the verge of screaming, “What the blank is wrong with you people!”