NYT reports:

In 2008, a strong black turnout that voted almost exclusively for Mr. Obama was credited with helping to win North Carolina for the Democrats for the first time in decades, contributing to his ultimate victory.

For that to happen again, Mr. Obama would need a near repeat of black voter behavior in Raleigh and across the state. But times have changed. Enthusiasm is down, unemployment is up. And some socially conservative black ministers in North Carolina, where voters passed a referendum against gay marriages and civil unions in May, remain troubled that Mr. Obama endorsed same-sex marriage this year.

Meet Rev. Patrick Wooden —who believes the Democratic platform ‘actively supports evil.’ While Wooden doesn’t appear to have a lot of love for Mitt Romney, either, he added he hopes that even if African-Americans offended by that platform don’t vote for Romney, they’ll won’t vote for anyone.

Turnout could indeed be the bigger problem for Obama in N.C.