The North Carolina Constitution is the rule book for the values you hold dear. They’re the same principles we fight for every day at the John Locke Foundation.

* limited government *
* individual responsibility *
* personal freedom *

We believe in the importance of the Constitution and recognize its role in ensuring a sovereign state of free people.

The John Locke Foundation pocket Constitutions are a resource in high demand by legislators, student groups, and other key decision-makers. It’s time for us to reprint our pocket Constitutions, and we want to make sure elected officials have a copy to reference when it comes to making important decisions that impact you.

Your tax-deductible gift helps the John Locke Foundation highlight the importance of this founding document by putting a copy in as many hands as possible. We know you agree that an educated and informed citizenry is necessary for liberty’s survival.

Thank you for joining with us to share and defend the Constitution.