Howler of a lede in yesterday’s N&R front-pager on evil Republicans in the General Assembly reducing N.C. film incentives(emphasis mine):

Dan Kelly loves his career and loves living in Greensboro.

Until last month, he and his wife planned to raise their 5-year-old daughter here and enjoy their church community long into the future.

But Kelly, who works in the film industry, is moving to Atlanta because movie companies are leaving

North Carolina now that lawmakers have allowed the state’s competitive incentive program to expire.

Conservatives in the General Assembly have opposed the incentives for years, and they’re likely to leave a much smaller grant program in this year’s budget.

….His small child doesn’t know anything about the hard business of Raleigh politics and film production costs. But she will feel the loss.

“It’s heartbreaking for her to say goodbye to her school friends,” Kelly said. “It’s harder for me watching her say goodbye than it is for me.”

That’s the liberal media for you —heaven forbid religion would ever enter into political issue yet they have absolutely no problem leveraging children to suit their political children.

Next logical question is how many employees at the local paper of record had their hearts broken watching their children say goodbye to their school friends because they had to leave town to find work?

My guess is more than a few.