The Greensboro News & Record issued its endorsements for local Congressional office today. In the realigned 13th, the N&R endorsed Democrat Bruce Davis over Republican Ted Budd:

Davis is a well-known personality in Guilford County politics. He was a county commissioner for 12 years. He also was the board’s chairman in 2005.

Davis, who operates a day care center in High Point, won the Democratic primary in the district by 112 votes over a Greensboro developer, Bob Isner.

Davis, a former Marine, says he owns several guns and fully supports the Second Amendment. He would tweak but not repeal the Affordable Care Act. He also disputes that Clinton would do anything to infringe on the right to bear arms. Generally speaking, he hews about as closely to most standard Democratic policies as Budd does to Republican ones.

Meanwhile— somewhat of a surprise here—the N&R goes with incumbent Republican Mark Walker over Democrat challenger Pete Gildewell. A somewhat left-handed endorsement, however, especially considering Walker’s support for HB2 and Donald Trump:

Walker gave a warm-up speech for Donald Trump in Greensboro Oct. 14 — despite the accusations by women about Trump’s inappropriate conduct. A month earlier, when the NCAA moved championship events from Greensboro in response to House Bill 2, Walker attacked: “We will not be intimidated by elitists who are attempting to extort and embarrass North Carolina for defending its citizens,” he said in a statement.

HB 2 only defends citizens who want to discriminate against LGBT people. And extortion is a crime. Walker should hope the NCAA returns events to Greensboro after HB 2 is repealed, but casting insults won’t help.

Here’s where the N&R gets it wrong, however–many citizens who support HB2 don’t want to discriminate against LGBT people. They simply believe government shouldn’t dictate bathroom policy on people’s private property that they maintain with their money and their sweat.