Editors at National Review Online recognize the magazine’s core mission.

As this magazine makes a big change from a fortnightly to a monthly, it’s worth taking stock — and, sure enough, we are still out of place, and still committed to the ideals that made us so then and make us so now. …

… The popular and intellectual culture in which we operate is dominated by the Left, and we remain unafraid to stand up against its pieties. No matter what the New York Times or CNN or 123 signatories on an open letter from university professors say, there are only two sexes, babies in the womb are human beings, and there is no epidemic of police violence against black men, or men of any other skin color for that matter. The battle for objective truth and against relativism rages on, and we’re on the front lines every day.

Despite communism’s evils having been repeatedly demonstrated over the last century, more than 1.5 billion people remain under communist rule today. About 11 million of them live on an island 90 miles off our shore. And too many here at home are beguiled by socialism’s false promises.

The tinkerers, the social engineers, the sort of people who believe they can uproot long-standing habits with just the right government program, or rejigger society, working in tandem with corporate titans enamored with stakeholder capitalism or the latest fad — these are our permanent ideological and political enemies. They work for the government, for the universities, and for the Fortune 500. They want to skirt the Constitution, corrupt our youth, and coerce other people’s capital to their cause. They are ultimately doomed to fail, for the same reason central planning is always doomed to fail, but they can do plenty of damage between now and then.