NC State students are back on campus and that means the Technician is publishing again. But this notice alerts readers to the economic reality.

Effective immediately, the Technician will publish four days per week, as opposed to the five-day model of the past.

The change comes due to a significant decrease in funding to all of Student Media, which has been funded by advertising and underwriting revenue.

“Both our national and campus advertising fell precipitously,” Patrick Neal, director of Student Media Advising, said. “No knowledgeable authority we know of can say when — or if — those revenues will ever return to levels seen historically. This is not just a challenge for the Technician; this is a challenge all university newspapers are facing.”

This lesson in economics is better than any course these students could take. No, I’m not happy they’re under pressure, but I am happy the students will now learn what it takes to earn support. That means working on the quality of the product and making the Technician a publication people want to read and, therefore, a place where businesses want to be.