You have to hand it to the folks at WRAL.  They have spunk.

After the release of Governor McCrory’s budget proposal, WRAL reporters ran over to the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) office for a response.  It’s not surprising that they interviewed Rodney Ellis, president of the NCAE.  But they also interviewed Rena Sutton.  Who is Rena Sutton?  According to WRAL, she is a “longtime educator,” which I do not doubt is true.  But she is also a member of the NCAE Board of Directors, representing the union’s affiliates in District 1-A (western NC).

In other words, NCAE was the only place that WRAL went for a response to the governor’s education budget recommendations.

Anyway, Rena had some thoughts about the budget and the proposed one percent raise for teachers, “It almost feels personal.  It feels like we’re being stamped out.  I’m not ungrateful, I mean.  But it’s chicken feed.”  So there you have it, straight from a “longtime educator.”