What happens when a business with an interest in having effective and efficient government action is allowed to team with a government bureaucracy to help solve its problems. Per NPR:

A new type of airport security screening lane is being tested in Atlanta, and “initial results show dramatic improvements,” according to the head of the Transportation Security Administration.

The “innovation lanes” are aimed a reducing wait times, and Peter Neffenger says that two new automated lanes designed by Delta have shown a 30 percent improvement in efficiency since they were rolled out last month. Delta thinks this new model should be able to double the productivity of airport security lanes.

Speaking at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Tuesday, Neffenger said these new lanes are “an example of the way in which we need to modernize and bring TSA into the 21st century.”

According to Delta’s chief operating officer, Gil West, the airline “funded everything” and “went from concept to start-up in less than two months.” He hails the results as a “game-changer.”

Of course, the TSA should have been doing this years ago.