New Jersey’s Governor Christie signed the state’s $32.5 billion budget yesterday.  While an e-cigarette tax was included in Gov. Christie’s proposal, the final budget did not include this tax.

This is what the Newark Star-Ledger had to say about the e-cigarette tax:

There are two big things the governor could not do with his veto power: He couldn’t reverse a one-year freeze imposed by Democrats on the Business Employment Incentive Program of tax breaks, and he could not impose a new tax on electronic cigarettes. The governor put that tax in his budget proposal earlier this year, but in a rare moment of bipartisanship, Democrats and Republicans chucked it.

Earlier this year North Carolina passed a 5 cents per milliliter tax on the liquid used in electronic cigarettes.  That makes North Carolina the only state in the country to levy a tax on e-cigarettes this year.