At least it was new to me at the transit event yesterday.

Anyway, full of the usual canards, distortions, and non sequiturs. Go here to find out how and why.

But my fave had to be the claim that transit has something to do with reducing Code Red ozone days. As we noted here repeatedly, from 2003 to 2006, Charlotte went through a stretch of several years of low ozone. In fact, in 2006 there was not a single Code Red reading on any of our local ozone monitors. Why? The trains were not running, yet the buses were.

Then this summer, we jumped to several Code Red days with multiple monitors reporting that and even a Code Purple day, as the vid ominously details. The trains were still not running, yet the buses were. Nothing changed on the transit front yet our ozone levels radically changed.

What did change? The weather. Like I’ve said for years, building trains to reduce ozone makes about as much sense as trying to build a weather machine to change the weather. Probably less.

Bonus Question: Anyone know who any of these people are?