Bill McMorris reports for the Washington Free Beacon on a new tool in the effort the fight misguided government-mandated minimum wage increases.

Minimum wage hikes adopted across the country will have numerous unintended consequences for those they are trying to help, according to a new website documenting the human cost of wage mandates.

The Employment Policies Institute, a think tank in Washington D.C., that opposes minimum wage hikes, has started a new website allowing small business owners to share their stories about the impact of the wage hike. features numerous stories of local and family-run businesses that have been forced to lay off workers or close their doors altogether as a result of the $15 hourly wage passed in San Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle.

“Unions and activists say the costs of minimum wage hikes are negligible. But the real faces of $15—and of other dramatic hikes in the minimum wage—are the employers who struggle to offset those costs,” the site says. “Their actions often mean fewer opportunities for the employees these laws are meant to help.”

EPI has aggregated news stories across the Bay Area and beyond detailing the plight of businesses struggling to survive as labor costs skyrocket. It collected 15 profiles of companies that have done everything from cut staff to raise prices to accommodate the new laws.