Former Reidsville High School athletics booster Stacy Setliff gets five years in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. In addition to child porn charges, Setliff was also arrested in 2014 on charges that she offered to perform oral sex on two 16-year-old male athletes, although those charges were later dropped.

I realize I’m hard on the N&R but I give reporter Danielle Battalia props for her dramatic retelling of Setliff’s sentencing:

Setliff, of 1224 Richardson Drive in Reidsville, told the court Thursday that the ordeal, rather than shattering her family, brought them closer together.

For now, that closeness will have to be in spirit as Setliff spends the next five years in a federal prison, the location of which was unknown Thursday.

…After 45 minutes, the hearing was over, and Setliff was off to begin the next chapter of her life — prison.

Before a U.S. marshal led her away, Setliff blew a kiss to her family and told them that she loved them.

Now that’s how you wrap a story.