has an interesting breakdown of regular season NFL broadcast patterns from 2009 through 2014. The Carolina Panthers rank 24th in how often they made it on TV in the various markets across the country, just ahead of the Tennessee Titans and just behind the Seattle Seahawks. And we have this on the second most televised teams by TV market:

There’s a lot going on up there. With the exceptions of Carolina, Cleveland and San Diego, every team is the second most televised team somewhere. It’s strange to see Minnesota mostly covered by Packer Green and the whole of Louisiana colored Cowboy blue, but there’s some obvious regional logic there. The same goes for the vast area colored by Oakland black and Houston red: Someone has to play second fiddle to the 49ers and the Cowboys, and another team from the same state is the obvious candidate. You can’t say the same about the Patriots being aired so often in the Carolinas, the random pocket of Eagles’ ubiquity on televisions in southern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas, or the frequency with which Giants games are televised in greater Las Vegas.