Today’s N&R coverage of last night’s Greensboro City Council meeting focuses on the city’s annexation plan. It touches on Mike Barber’s questions about A&T and also mentions the council’s efforts to clarify funding for the International Civil Rights Center and Museum:

In other business, the council voted not to give local taxpayer money to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, but only to consider donating federal development dollars.

Last week, museum leaders asked the city to consider a $1.5 million donation to the museum, which has been in the works since 1994.

The board informally agreed to pursue the federal money, but didn’t rule out using other city money.

On Tuesday, Councilman Tom Phillips proposed the resolution, which he said was needed to provide clarity to taxpayers who have twice defeated bonds for the museum.

His resolution urges residents to donate private funds and still holds out hope that the sit-in museum will qualify for federal money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, but it rules out using locally generated tax revenue for the project.

Only Sandra Anderson Groat opposed the resolution.

Phillips and fellow council member Florence Gatten mentioned the large number of phone calls and e-mails from citizens wondering how the city could consider funding the museum when it was having touble funding a gang unit.

That said, Guarino asks if “this particular board of directors for the museum does not merit city tax dollars– as the city council decided– then why should it merit federal tax dollars?”