According to the News & Observer, Mike Charbonneau is going to work for Tony Tata at the Department of Transportation. That makes at least four Wake County Schools employees who’ve waved goodbye to the school system and hello to the state agency now led by the man who was fired by the Democrat-controlled Wake school board. And it’s not over, writes the N&O.

Others are expected to leave Wake for DOT.


Back in September, here’s how those who fired Tata characterized him:

Fellow Democratic board member Susan Evans said Tata ultimately failed to get the board, administration and his office working smoothly together.

“It wasn’t in specific areas,” Evans said. “It was concerns about the total collaborative relationship.”

As the transition began, Evans and Democratic school board chairman Kevin Hill alluded to additional, unspecified elements in the situation, described only as “more than meets the eye.”

But Democrats didn’t formally go into specifics about why Tata was fired. The board didn’t cite cause in the separation agreement, instead using a section in his contract to pay him a year’s salary to fire him before the agreement’s December 2014 end date.

Evidently the folks leaving Wake Schools to work for Tata at DOT are clueless about what a terrible collaborator he is and that there is “more than meets the eye” to Tata.

That’s bunk of course. I think we all know why Tata was fired: he wanted to empower parents, not the school system, and that makes him unacceptable to the system-first progressives who control the school board.