Sen. Jeff Sessions of the Senate Budget Committee has had about all he can take of President Obama’s talk about a budget deal. The Weekly Standard posted Session’s reaction to the latest round of big-government rhetoric.

“President Obama today gave yet another speech about the fiscal cliff,” says Sessions. “No plan, nothing that can be scored or analyzed, just another speech.  If President Obama wishes to avoid the fiscal cliff then he, with all the power and influence he holds as the leader of this nation, must submit to Congress – in legislative form – a plan that he believes can pass both chambers of Congress with bipartisan support.  No more secret meetings and pointless press conferences.   Certainly this is not too much to ask.  So we await his action: will he move from an unscorable speech to scorable legislation? If he is unwilling to submit such a plan then we may be left with only one persuasive conclusion: that he has used two years of secret meetings with Republican leaders not as an opportunity to achieve fiscal reform, but as a political exercise to defeat his opposition and preserve the expansion of federal spending.”