They’re called “Sharpie parties,” according to this story – a “party” to trash a foreclosed home. Evidently U.S. society has now degraded to the point that this new form of vandalism, theft, and destruction is considered mainstream fun. Pathetic and shameful.


“The Sharpie party is the newest twist here,” said Larry Morse, the district attorney in Merced County, California. Morse said he has investigated vandalized homes after six “Sharpie parties” in recent months.

Andy Krotic, a Californian realtor, said: “It’s a growing fad among young people, especially the Twitter crowd. They throw a big party, everyone gets a Sharpie, and they are invited to write on the walls and spray paint.”

Krotic said in one recent case partygoers shot arrows through the wall, hitting a room in a neighbor’s house.