Borg Warner is gearing up to receive $140,000 in economic development incentives for an expansion of their Fletcher plant that would create 31 jobs and spend $8.2 million in the community. The Henderson County Board of Commissioners would be the grantor. The article in the Hendersonville Lightning was cut before it could get around to saying how much the average wage was, or to let us know which official said, “This is exciting!”

Anyhoo, economic development incentives are like that commercial where the guy is trying to lose weight and the voiceover says, “Put down the phone, and pick up the pie.” The same government peeps who fancy themselves as agents of redistribution of wealth to the poor, aim to do so by using their force to take from the weak to give to corporate giants.

The moral of the story is, if somebody earns a lot of money through hard work and implementation of a successful business model, he is evil. If somebody gets a big gummint gift, he is an economic engine, inducing and indirecting multipliers into the mouths of the expanding host of food-insecure children.