Big Brother isn’t only watching us, your child could be wearing Big Brother. Check this out from

A company promoting a headset that would notify teachers of their students’ attention level is moving toward implementation of a pilot program.

“When students use the Focus 1, teachers can immediately tell when their students are in a low attention state or high attention state,” a video released by BrainCo, Inc. in January 2017 says. “With Focus 1, teachers are notified if real time classroom average attention span level drops too low. They can then re-engage their students.… With Focus 1, school administrators can use big data analysis to determine when students are better able to concentrate and can optimize course schedules.”

So what does our Terry Stoops think about the headband and questions about privacy and ethics?

“It’s not necessarily companies that are collecting the data, it’s usually government entities,” Stoops said. “What would happen with the data? How secure would it be? These are questions that need to be addressed before the data has been collected, not after.”


Stoops also has comments about the potential for the headband device to impact student achievement.