Today’s Raleigh News & Observer carried the February 11 story from the L.A. Times, about the town of Monowi, Nebraska, whose last male resident, Rudy Eiler, bequeathed his 5000-book collection to become the town library; his widow Elsie, the town’s only female resident, is the librarian, and frankly, everything else:

Monowi remains an incorporated town because there’s no reason to dissolve it. Elsie grants herself her own liquor license, collects taxes from herself ? “it’s a matter of cents, really” ? and keeps the books.

Every year, Elsie has to approve a municipal road plan to receive Monowi’s share of state transportation funds, which she sends to the county to maintain the two-lane highway that runs past her tavern.

A Notice of Public Hearing is duly posted in the tavern, announcing an upcoming meeting on the road plan for all citizens of Monowi to voice “support, opposition and/or suggestions.” The meeting is to be held “at the usual place.” Elsie figures it won’t last long.

When the state sends her paperwork, “I just sign wherever it needs to be signed: mayor, secretary, treasurer,” Elsie says. “They know I’m the only one up here.”

I love it. Viva Elsie.