Despite at least seven different e-scooter companies seeking to do business in Raleigh, and despite other cities like Durham and Charlotte able to welcome multiple competitors in scooter service, the Raleigh City Council regulated out early entries Bird and Lime and decided Raleigh would have a scooter monopoly. They chose Gotcha.

In August, The News & Observer reported on Gotcha. This company’s secret to success is not facing competition:

Gotcha plans to work in cities and at universities where it is the exclusive scooter company, [CEO Sean] Flood said.

Last month Gotcha didn’t seem to know where Raleigh even is.

How are things going for Gotcha so far in October? The company just sent out a tweet. What’s it say?

Oh, dear:

I have been comparing Gotcha to Hobson’s choice. I suppose I can’t any more. Even though Hobson didn’t offer people a choice, at least he offered people an actual means of transportation.