For starters I have to ask why was swamp creature Mel Watt—who serves as director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency— not drained when the Trump administration took over?

For whatever reason he wasn’t, and now the former 12th District congressman is facing sexual harassment charges and his accuser (where have we heard this before?) has the tapes to prove it:

Simone Grimes, an employee at the agency, says she secretly recorded conversations with Watt and that the recordings bolster her harassment, retaliation and equal-pay claims against Watt and the agency.

In 2015, she had been filling two jobs — hers and one she’d been promoted to. But she never got the pay increase she’d been promised. That decision, she was told, would require sign-off from the director.

“That’s kind of when Director Watt began his advances,” Grimes says. “So he approached me at a few functions that were at work to say he believed there was an attraction between us that needed to be explored.”

….Grimes reluctantly agreed to meet at his house, where she recorded him. “I’m guilty of having an attraction to you, that is true,” Watt says on the tape. “So it makes me more conscious not to leave some impression.”

….”Is it better to go through a charade process to get you the job, or is it better for me to just give you the job, because I don’t have to go through a bid process, I don’t have to go through an application process,” Watt said on the tape.

Judge for yourself dear reader whether Watt was being a creep or whether he was just being honest with Grimes—objectively speaking she’s an attractive woman. By the same token, it should be taken for granted that any personal comments in the workplace cannot and will not be tolerated.