Yet another letter to the editor complaining about the N&R’s obit on former Guilford Commissioner Jackie Manzi, who died last week at age 86.

I wasn’t paying attention to local politics at the time, so while I knew the name I didn’t what kind of politics Manzi practiced. Rhino’s John Hammer wasn’t on the Guilford County beat when Manzi was a commissioner, but she became a valuable source “because she knew everyone who worked for the county and the backstory about everything.

This is like the third letter to the editor, so I went back and read the N&R’s write-up again and sure enough it’s not exactly a glowing piece, especially not the part in the sixth graph about a thousand people marching the streets of Greensboro after she reigned in county health department spending. N&R generally doesn’t like people who cause other people to march in the streets– just saying.