53bb2bf9c699d.imageNot exactly a ringing endorsement from the local paper of record, but an endorsement nonetheless:

When it comes to the issues, not much separates Mark Walker and Phil Berger Jr.

….Either one, if elected, likely would line up with the most conservative members of the House of Representatives.

Both call for repealing Obamacare and relying on “market-based” reforms to reduce the cost of health care.

Both are pro-life and oppose new gun-control laws. Both say the federal government plays too much of a role in education and support taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools.

Both want to reduce spending, taxes and regulations. Both call for stricter border security and disavow “amnesty” for illegal immigrants living in the country.

With so many similarities, is one a better choice than the other? Yes. Walker demonstrates greater depth of thinking on the issues, is open and accessible and seems more likely to at least consider and respond respectfully to other points of view.

Walker shows pretty good form when throwing out the first pitch at last night’s Grasshoppers game. Hopefully the N&R will run a photo of Berger when he throws out the first pitch at tonight’s game. Perhaps who throws a baseball better will make the difference for voters when they walk into the voting booth next Tuesday, because I’m not sure if the amnesty issue will make any difference, considering the chaos at the border to which our wonderful president seems so indifferent.