Excellent post from AEI’s Steve Hayward on Obama’s Jobs bill Stimulus II.

Future historians are likely to look back on this week as the period Obama passed the point of no return for his presidency, and they may identify last Friday, September 16, as the single most important day in his undoing. I wonder if Obama has any clue that his presidency is collapsing in real time? Dumb question: of course he doesn’t….

36 Senators from both parties held a big press conference calling on the debt ceiling supercommittee to “go big” with sweeping pro-growth tax reform—one that would slash deductions and lower rates dramatically. In particular, I was struck by Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden, a smart liberal, who cited the 1986 Reagan-tax reform that he said created millions of jobs. He may not be correct strictly speaking about the job creation bit, but that misses the point:

This press conference was not meant for the supercommittee. It was meant for Obama.

Conservatives like to ask: What would Reagan do? How about this: What would Bill Clinton do? Clinton would grab this opportunity with both hands, and cruise to re-election….

I reckon Obama has only about four days to see the light on this. Harry Reid has said the Senate won’t take up his urgent jobs bill Stimulus bill until after their next recess. If Democratic Senators go home without a course change from Obama, you can count on them coming back to D.C. with the attitude of “Obama jobs bill? What Obama jobs bill? Obama? Obama who?”