The Charlotte Observer is now furthering the same lie that the rest of the media is telling America about the Obama administration’s new policy of rewarding illegal immigrants without criminal records with a work permit and a pass on deportation.

This is all it apparently takes to get a work permit in the US.

The misperception Obama and the media are creating is that this policy only applies to illegal immigrant students or those brought here as children through no fault of their own. In fact, it applies to just about any illegal immigrant without a serious felony criminal record — as in millions of them.

The Observer story in question was referring to the illegal immigrants arrested Tuesday in Charlotte after stopping traffic as part of a protest. Here’s the lie:

Tuesday’s arrests provided one of the first opportunities to see how a new Obama administration policy on illegal immigrants would be enforced. The administration announced last month that those without criminal records – who are found to be a low priority because they are students, were brought to the United States as children or have long family ties to the country – would be released from jail and granted work permits.

The Obamedia plan is obviously to confuse the American people by tugging at their heartstrings, knowing they’ll be sympathetic to the plight of kids brought here through no fault of their own. But according to this ICE memo (see page 4) issued by the Obama administration, federal immigration prosecutors are now supposed to look the other way not just when the arrested illegal is a student, but most of the rest of the time as well. Get pregnant, or conceive a child with your spouse or significant other, and you likely won’t be deported. If you or your spouse is nursing a baby (Michelle Obama is big on that) you can get out of deportation, too.

Already have a child? Bring them here to America illegally. If you can prove you are the guardian of a minor, the government will take deportation off the table. Other factors the Obama administration has ordered prosecutors to consider include if an illegal’s home country is in bad condition and it would be unpleasant for them to return there, and their relationships in and closeness to others in the local community.

That’s why this demonstration in Charlotte on Tuesday was such a big deal. To liberals, this is the recreation of the Freedom Riders tour throughout the South challenging segregation in 1961, except with a mass amnesty twist. Charlotte was one of the 10 main stops on the Freedom Riders historic tour.

This is the open borders tour, where every illegal gets “rights” simply by showing up on our soil, and it makes a mockery of the true American rights the Freedom Riders fought for. Charlotte is merely the first stop on this historic new tour.

The implications are staggering. If any illegal can qualify for a work permit simply by showing up and having no known serious criminal record, which is where this is headed, American citizenship will be degraded to a value only slightly higher than that of whatever document it is printed on.