I feel inclined to mention this again. Over the weekend, I had about an hour and a half to kill, so I went into a Barnes & Noble. A book on the Nag Hammadi stood out, so I began flipping through the pages. Some of the translations were bad, but one could get the drift of what the writers were trying to say. Some appeared to be pompous, but others spoke of a real world of purpose, values, spiritual power, and enlightenment. It was delightful to read sincere intention after years of monkeying around in the world of politically-correct ersatz.

So today we read about the Buncombe County School System’s continuing struggle with how to regulate free religion and free speech. In doing so, they decided it would be good to allow students to exercise those freedoms one day a year. Rather than acknowledging individuals’ rights to commune honestly if imperfectly with something higher than self (Please forgive my PC.), they want to structure a “community information event.” Whereas “nonreligious organizations” may be a part of curricula on any school day, they will only get equal time with the religious ones on this day.