There’s no greater indicator of how broke the county isn’t than this.

Just six months ago we were hearing gloom and doom scenarios about how broke the county was. So broke that the county might not be able to maintain the parks it had and might have to shut a significant number of them down.

Oh yeah. And low income children would be denied a proper education. And the libraries were shut down and would have to stay that way. But that was March and this is September. Now that they’ve launched a bone-crushing tax increase on half the county, they admit that they were never really broke. OK, not in so many words, but if they have the money to build and maintain a new park uptown ahead of the Democrat National Convention, they were never serious about shutting down the parks. We know the rest of the story on the supposedly broke schools. 

This was the biggest scam ever foisted on Mecklenburg County taxpayers to get a tax increase.