I just received an announcement that members of Asheville City Council have been invited to attend a meeting to discuss how “Ferguson” will impact African-American youth here. The truth is, it won’t unless people let it. As far as I am concerned, racism exists only on the TV. I’ve been in WNC since 1989. I’ve heard a lot of allegations of racism in the media. In my personal life, I’ve heard:

  • One lady say races shouldn’t intermarry.
  • Three physics teachers (me included) whine about the way Asians run circles around us in math.
  • One guy say he likes the way black girls dance.

That’s all that comes to mind right now. If my skin pigment is persecuting you because I don’t believe in time travel enough to invent a machine that takes me back in time to stop African slavery, while preserving Greek, Hebrew, etc. slavery – then skin me alive, why don’t you.