November 14, 1892 | Augustus S. Merrimon died. An attorney and influential politician in North Carolina during the 1860s and 1870s, he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1873. He later was appointed to the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1893 and served as Chief Justice from 1889 until his passing. 

November 15, 1921 | Governor Cameron Morrison and others watched a silent film: The Earliest Expeditions and Attempted Settlements in the Territory of What Is Now the United States, 1584 – 1591It inspired the creation of Paul Green’s outdoor dramaThe Lost Colony.

November 16, 1765 | Wilmingtonians had been protesting the Stamp Act. On this day, William Houston, North Carolina’s stamp master, resigned because of the level of local protest

November 17, 1949 | Now known as the Village District, Cameron Village opened in Raleigh. The shopping center was one of the first in the Southeast. 

November 18, 1799 | Glasgow County was renamed. Its namesake, James Glasgow, was guilty of fraudulent behavior. The county was renamed Greene County.