What should one do about a 2,000-page spending bill that no one in Congress has had a chance to read?

South Carolina’s Jim DeMint has an idea, as David Freddoso explains for the Washington Examiner:

Democrats, having passed none of this fiscal year’s appropriations, want to ram through the lame duck Senate a 2,000-page spending bill that no one had a chance to read. DeMint released the following statement yesterday. I’ve put the most important part in bold at the end:

?President Obama and Democrats have apparently learned nothing from this November?s election. This nearly 2,000-page omnibus filled with thousands of earmarks shows they are still determined to ram through as much big-government spending as they can in this lame duck session. Americans loudly demanded an end to the runaway spending, but Democrats are intent on raiding every taxpayer dollar that they can grab from the Treasury on their way out of power. This bill also funds the unconstitutional Obamacare law that Americans oppose and have asked Congress to fully repeal. Democrats haven?t given Republicans or the American people time to read the bill, but I?ll join with other Republican colleagues to force them to read it on the Senate floor.?

The reading could take 40 hours, some news outlets estimate. Last year, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., forced the reading of an 800-page amendment on the Senate floor. The reading ended when [Vermont Sen. Bernie] Sanders, who had proposed the amendment, came to the floor to withdraw it.