Three of the seven seats on the North Carolina Supreme Court are on the November ballot. Voters will choose three people to decide constitutional questions.

North Carolina Supreme Court Contested Seats in 2020

What makes the North Carolina Constitution vital to YOUR life?

The North Carolina constitution begins with a declaration of rights and lays out the ground rules for a civil society that respects justice and fairness and ensures law and order. Through our constitution, we are assured that:

  • Every child has the opportunity for a sound, basic education.
  • Fundamental rights are protected.
  • Loved ones and property are secure.
  • Equal justice is delivered.
  • Those who violate the public trust face consequences.
  • The three branches of government are respected.
  • The power of each branch of government is checked.

Get informed before you vote.

The candidates who prevail in November will determine the degree to which the above constitutional rights are – or aren’t—protected. Races for the North Carolina Supreme Court are partisan. Your ballot will tell you which candidate is a Democrat and which is a Republican.

Who controls the North Carolina Supreme Court right now?

Currently, 6 Democrats and 1 Republican serve on the state Supreme Court. The results of November’s vote will either harden the Democrats’ hold on the high court OR increase the Republicans’ representation on the court.

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2020 N.C. Supreme Court Candidates

The candidates for North Carolina Supreme Court are below. Three seats are being contested. You will choose 1 candidate for each seat.


NC Supreme Court Chief Justice

Cheri Beasley

Cheri Beasley (D)
Paul Newby

Paul Newby (R)

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice (Seat 02)

Phil Berger JrPhil Berger, Jr. (R)
Lucy N. InmanLucy Inman (D)

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice (Seat 4)

Tamara BarringerTamara Barringer (R)
Mark DavisMark Davis (D)