The good news is that the Archdiocese of New York has won a round in its legal battle against the Obama administration/HHS Obamacare mandate that will force Catholics to fund actions that are against its teachings – among them, abortion.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York can proceed with a lawsuit challenging a requirement that employee healthcare plans cover contraceptives, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

The lawsuit is one of several brought by dozens of Catholic institutions against the contraceptive provisions of President Barack Obama’s new healthcare law.


The bad news: The Archdiocese employs about 9,000 people who are covered by it health insurance, and here is the outrageous impact of Obamacare, should the administration prevail in its unprecedented attempt to use government power to force people to give up their religious beliefs or face punitive action.

The archdiocese argued in court papers that even though it is unclear what its legal obligations will be once the exemption is fully outlined, it expects to incur nearly $200 million each year in penalties if it is forced to comply with the coverage requirement.

In other words, the Obama administration prefers the Archdiocese spend $200 million each year on government penalties rather than on the poor and forgotten.

Yet again, the Left – this time through Obamacare – shows who and what it really holds dear. And that is government.