All manner of firestorms — the city of Charlotte “Task Force” on public safety being the best, most egregious — indicate just how badly Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are counting a property tax reval process to serve up additional property tax revenue.

Funny thing about this notion that many localities around the country thought the same thing — only to find themselves swamped with challenges to what property owners said were inflated valuations.

But, hey, I know. I’m just a blow-hard naysayer who does not understand the valuation science. The valuations Mecklenburg homeowners will receive in their mailboxes in the next few weeks are sure to be the very bestest, most accurate possible — according to Alexander and staff. They no doubt believe this.

Meanwhile, take a look at all the distressed properties in your neighborhood to understand why your valuation will most likely be 10 to 25 percent about fair market value.