Luther Ray Abel writes for National Review Online about a former Democratic U.S. House speaker’s critical comments about some people on her side of the political divide.

One of the problems with a gerontocracy, besides the overuse of medication in the White House, is that long-tenured politicians become out of touch. They can become so disconnected from their base that they utter some of the looniest theories imaginable rather than accept that activists on their side can be truly nasty pieces of work. The New York Times reports that Pelosi wants the FBI to investigate pro-Palestinian protesters — Hamas sympathizers might be the more accurate term — who are harassing leading left-wing lawmakers such as Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer, and Pelosi.

Kayla Guo writes for the Times:

“Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California and the former House speaker, on Sunday called for the F.B.I. to investigate protesters demanding a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, suggesting without evidence that some activists may have ties to Russia and President Vladimir V. Putin.” …

… Pelosi wants to believe — or wishes the public to believe that she believes — that Russians have infiltrated otherwise good-hearted leftists. The former House speaker provided no evidence for this. This is unfortunate for two reasons. First, there are certainly influence campaigns afoot on the American left and, more broadly, in American cities. NR’s Jimmy Quinn has done manful work exposing CCP efforts from San Francisco to New York and every U.S. state in between. For Pelosi, with no evidence, to sic the federal prosecutors on Americans makes it that much harder for serious investigations to take place. The excesses of McCarthyism became a tool of Communist sympathizers to delegitimize accusers. By mouthing off similarly, Pelosi kneecaps endeavors she ostensibly supports.

Second, the young Left is anti-Israel, and even that’s a generous characterization of their dislike for our ally.